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  KSEC Technical Support Staff
  Direct 360.828.3650
  Kokusai offers a full and flexible selection of on-site services. Along with the best Thermal Processing Tools available today, our service includes working closely with you to plan and install your tools and supply Kokusai approved parts when you need them. Our Technical Service team will assist in solving your most difficult technical problems.  
Benefits of KSEC Services
KSEC Services complement your own services to keep your production tools operating reliably and producing to the highest quality standards.

Optimize equipment performance and maintenance costs, leverage asset lifecycles by relying on the excellence of Kokusai resources.
Our Offerings Include:

Access to telephone technical support providing up-to-date technical expertise for existing and new products, processes, and technology advances.
Emergency On-Site Response
Emergency Parts Sourcing


Field Service
Kokusai offers a wide variety of service options to meet your specific requirements. Fully trained and qualified Field Service Engineers (FSEs) can be dispatched from local service centers to provide responsive regional support or can be based directly at your sites.... (more)

Technical Service      
In today's fast paced technical environment, convenience, flexibility and speed are keys to successful production operations. To meet the needs of your engineers and technicians, Kokusai has a highly trained and experienced technical support staff to deliver the technical expertise and documentation that you need to be successful...(more)    

Installation & Retrofit Service      
Standard site installation is included with all major vertical furnace purchases. Additional specialized work including retrofits, conversions, upgrades and moves can be contracted with Kokusai in order to meet your specific needs. We provde highly-skilled personnel to provide you with the most cost effective installation or tool conversion projects...(more)

Software Support      
Whether it’s block controllers, main controllers, or any tool related software or application, our experienced staff will help you get the information you need. Kokusai provides a myriad of controller software and applications software support to enhance the operation of our furnace products. Our technical support engineers are extensively trained and experienced ...(more)

Spare Parts      
Kokusai's North American spare parts depot is located in Vancouver, Washington. Kokusai manages a $ 5M parts inventory containing over 3,000 parts supporting a wide range of tool models. Critical access to spare parts is provided on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year...(more)