Training Equipment

Each Kokusai training course focuses on hands-on learning utilizing operating equipment. Whether teaching the newer 300mm ZESTONE furnaces or the 200mm VERTRON, Kokusai has the equipment to ensure your personnel receive the highest quality training in the industry.
The ZESTONE 300mm furnace is renown for reliable high volume manufacturing. Our facility utilizes the CVD configuration of this furnace in what has become our busiest classroom!  

The 300mm QUIXACE tool sets the standard for reliable high volume manufacturing.

Our training facility has the atmospheric configuration of this exciting new platform.

  The Kokusai 200mm VERTRON Vertical Diffusion Furnace has been the work horse of the semiconductor industry for over a decade. Our training facility utilizes the CVD and Atmospheric configurations of this very popular furnace design.

In order to ensure a well rounded education for our trainees, Kokusai has installed two custom simulation systems. These advanced virtual systems mimic all robotic and CX3000 interface functions of the ZESTONE and QUIXACE 300mm Load-Lock platforms.