Leading edge Kokusai product development programs are the foundation for support of our device customers’ advanced thin films needs. Kokusai is actively implementing production solutions at the 65nm node, demonstrating processes for the 45nm node and developing solutions for the 32nm node. Kokusai offers process solutions specifically adapted for Logic, MPU, Flash Memory and DRAM applications. Often, solutions developed for one device application are modified to support other device types.

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Balanced Controlled Deposition
Utilizing its well established and reliable vertical batch platform, Kokusai optimized the reactor design and gas switching technology to enable uniform precursor distribution that is essential for superior film qualities.
Plasma Oxidation & Mitigation
Kokusai’s MARORA MMT production system utilizes a gentle (<1eV) direct plasma for sequential oxidation and nitridation steps within the same chamber. The controllable and adjustable plasma field results in extremely uniform film thicknesses with virtually no plasma damage. MARORA is perhaps the most scalable tool of its type available today. MARORA is bridge tool capable.
Low Temperature Nitrides
Kokusai’s array of low temperature nitride offerings include Batch BCD Nitride and CVD Nitride. Many IC manufacturers are employing organic based low temperature silicon nitride solutions like CVD in order to reduce process temperature while avoiding drastic reductions in deposition rate. Kokusai has over five years of production experience. This experience is reflected in our tool configurations, in situ cleans and process understanding.
Batch Epi
Kokusai has introduced an ultra-clean low pressure vertical batch furnace for SiGe epitaxial growth at normal CVD (chemical vapor deposition) pressure regimes. This batch vertical furnace system is capable of high-quality SiGe epitaxial growth at low temperatures in an extremely clean process environment.
Substrate: SOI, N2, H2 & Ar Anneals
As IC manufacturers drive toward 45nm technology, they are placing a greater emphasis on the incoming substrate's carrier mobility, crystal defects and electrical isolation properties. IC manufacturers and Silicon Wafer manufacturers alike are investing resources to develop SOI and defect-free bulk 200mm & 300mm silicon wafers. These wafers are expected to favorably compete economically against existing thin-epi alternatives.
Batch Isotropic Oxidation BIO
A new batch isotropic oxidation process developed by Kokusai eliminates crystal orientation and thermal budget barriers and enables a simple furnace oxidation to be utilized for a variety of device applications. Further, the Kokusai solution employs a large batch approach to isotropic oxidation that provides the easiest maintenance and lowest CoO available.
Plasma Ashing
The process of stripping the photoresist mask is carried out in a dry, eco-friendly process using plasma (‘ashing’). KSEC technology enables high throughput rates at low cost of ownership. Kokusai's unique proprietary plasma chamber design results in no damage to the gate oxides and exhibits much higher ashing rates.